Dragon in the Sky

As old as space and time itself.

The Dragon in the sky signifies three core values.

Immortality. Wealth. Freedom.

The dragon in the sky signifies ANDRE ROME REALTY ®. The foundation and ideology of who we are. We believe in the future of humanity. We are the bold builders of the perception of immortality.

With each day we will strive to build each other with positive reinforcement. Our connection and understanding of astrology relate to the core belief of who we are as celestial beings. Our inner dragon signifies enlightenment, wisdom, and truth.

As our family becomes more successful for generations to come, the dragon will lend us strength. The dragon represents prosperity and wealth. As we continue to build upon ourselves we advance our generations further along the path of evolution.

The midnight blue signifies the night of sky. Each star eludes to how we connect as builders. As celestial beings, we are as one with the dragon. The dragon wielding the immortal flame that navigates us through the darkness as a beacon of light.

Building all peer's past their confusion.

We are the pathway towards longevity. We become what we believe we are. Born with a will to survive. We encourage all followers. Own your land. Own your mind. Own your future. Protect your lineage.


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