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Hello Guest! Thanks for stopping by. To be honest with everyone. I am fairly new to the real estate industry. But I am eager and excited to learn. I am always looking to gain new experiences. My background is in the military medical field and the entertainment industry.

I have an M.S. degree in Entertainment Business after graduating from Full Sail University. Since my return from Europe, I've been debating on which industry I should enter. I've always wanted to free myself financially so I can build my film company with unlimited freedom.

I knew that I would only need to raise my initial startup capital for my entertainment company. That way I will be able to present my idea to investors from a position of power. My only problem was finding a lucrative enough industry where I would be able to invest.

After searching for a few weeks I was reminded by my younger brother. He spoke of having interest in real estate at some point in his future. That was when it donned on me. Over the years I've read many books about real estate and researched professionals in the industry.

One of the first books, I remembered reading about first was, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". So I had an understanding of how to create money from money. Still, of course, you need money to make money. So I decided my first approach to real estate will be to tackling wholesaling.

Welcome to my new journey. Follow along as I grow as an entrepreneur. I have a ton of ideas. Several businesses plan up my sleeve. Plus the intelligence and patience to guarantee that my intellectual property remains that as my own. A brand new world order has arrived.

Once a few deals have my secured I will be able to invest in the property that I've been plotting on. "If you built it, they will come". ANDREAM, INC. will become reality.

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